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How Can I Lose Weight?
Don't miss out on a box of chocolates just because you want to lose weight and keep fit - indulge your sweet tooth with iLoveSlimPossible weight management chocolates. And the best part is they are guilt-free.
Formulated by post-graduate scientists, iLoveSlimPossible works by keeping you feeling fuller for longer, so you naturally eat less.read more!
How Do I Take iLoveSlimPossible?
Simply and 1 minibar three times a day followed by 250mlof water, at least 30-60 mins before your meals.Eat your meals as you would normally as iloveslimpossible helps you reduce your food intake by triggering a feeling of satiety. And finally, the inches from your waistline and say hello to skinny jeans!
Clinically Proven
There is clear scientific evidence supported by EFSA and clinical trials that Moyu, infused in iLoveSlimPossible contributes to weight loss as part of a calorie-controlled diet.read more!
The iLoveSlimPossible Journey

By delaying the hunger signals that would normally be sent hours after a meal, you feel more satisfied than you would normally be and consequently eat less. Click the video and you'll see exactly how iLoveSlimPossible works to help you feel fuller for longer and to eat less a mealtimes.

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Once consumed, iLoveSlimPossible (the active ingredient: moyu) travels to your stomach.


As it enters the stomach, it absorbs waters and swells up to 200x times its original size and forms a think, viscous and indigestible gel.


The gel gives a sense of fullness. A feeling of satiety ensues which reduces your appetite, curbing any hunger-pangs and reducing food intake.


As the same time, it binds around dietary fats prolonging the absorption of fats by the body.


The fibre causes food to leave stomach slowly, prolonging the feeling of satiety


The dietary fats along with the fibre are excreted in the stooly
read more!